Greetings guest.

Niclas "XaiL" Thörnqvist

#Who am I?

My name is Niclas Thörnqvist, 26 years old, and I welcome you to my little nest.

#What have I accomplished?

If you want to know more about what websites I've done so far check out the portfolio link.

#What do I currently do?

Right now I'm educating myself to become a professional webdesigner/coder at Mid Sweden University. With only a few weeks left in school I sincerly hope it will be a exciting one.

#The future?

Basically my future dream would be to work as a Web Devoloper at a big respectable company. Only time will tell what will happen so I'll just hope for the best.


Got any questions, suggestions or a inquiry? Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime and I'll answer you as soon as possible.